In the birthplace of Ninja, Iga Ueno, there is a museum where you can enjoy learning and playing on the theme of Ninja.

Before coming here, don’t forget to change into a Ninja at the Danjiri Kaikan, as that will considerably increase your enjoyment!

The Museum includes an archive gallery overseen by the leading specialist in Ninja research, Professor Yuji Yamada of Mie University. Also, a mechanical Ninja residence for sensing real Ninja life, and an experience zone (dirk-throwing experience and show featuring Ninja) for enjoying the feeling of actually being a Ninja. Adults and children alike are sure to get to like Ninja even more.

Deputy Director, Mr Nakano greeted me in Ninja costume too, and showed me around while giving a commentary.

“Since Ninja had to carry out their duties drawing as little attention as possible, it was important how far they could act concealed within everyday life and without being noticed”, says Mr Nakano.

Each piece of archive and diorama is carefully and interestingly explained using easy expressions, so that I understood well how real Ninja lived.

The mechanical Ninja residence is full of trick devices, although I couldn’t tell at all until I was shown.

“This room contains trick devices, but do you know where?” Mr Nakano asked with a smile, whereupon a sword suddenly appeared from the floor! and many other surprises were revealed that made looking around so exciting.

After the trickery was revealed I was allowed to try for myself. Although I couldn’t manipulate the devices as well as Mr Nakano, it was a fun experience.

The dirk-throwing experience is a rare attraction that can only be experienced here.

Dirks are heavier than I imagined; if you don’t throw it with proper spin, it will not reach and imbed in the target, and I was challenged by it over several goes.

“A dirk-throwing tournament is held, and skilled people can pierce the middle of the target from a distance of as much as 10 meters”, I was surprised to hear.

There was no show featuring Ninja on the day I looked around, but their acrobatic performance is an attraction I would definitely like to see.

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